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Life Hacking - Learn From the Nerds How to Get More out of Life

Life Hacking - Learn From the Nerds How to Get More out of Life

It was not always cool. Before technology and knowledge took over our economy, nerds were known as, well, nerds. Uncool by definition. visit this site

I became never cool. I wasn't fashionable; I wore Keds sneakers and whatever was on discount sales from the "husky" department at JC Penney's. I wasn't the guy you'd call in the future over and work on your hotrod Camaro. You'd call your cool friend to the. You called me if you needed help writing a book report. Then I was other people you know.

Girls didn't like nerds much back then. I wasn't a major hit using the ladies. After i coerced a pleasant woman to marry me 22 years back, folks were shocked; they still are.

But here's my point: It's cool right now to be considered a nerd, and the nerd subculture has coalesced over a group of Internet sites focused on something called "life hacking."

A technology writer named Danny O'Brien came up with term "life hack" after surveying a small grouping of productive geeks on the work methods. O'Brien discovered a pattern among the most productive programmers: The best - the nerdiest from the nerds - all had created odd tricks and shortcuts to get their work done faster or better. O'Brien shared his research within a report called "Life Hacks: Tech Tips for Overprolific Alpha Geeks." The definition of "life hack" spread from the nerd community as being a computer virus. Today there are numerous books, podcasts and websites on the topic. One of many goals of life hacking would be to make life simpler. Life Hackers voice it out helps people to get more done, efficiently and quickly, with simple solutions. Merlin Mann designed a blog called 43 Folders, that is probably the most popular life-hacking sites. Mann suggests having everyone stand during meetings so no person will hang around. Another suggestion from Mann would be to check emails on a regular schedule instead of reacting immediately to each and every email that arrives. (A great number of life-hacking ideas relate with managing email much better.)

The Hipster PDA is yet another life-hacking idea. It's an substitute for using personal digital assistants, or PDAs, like Blackberries and Palm Pilots. The Hipster PDA is just a few index cards held plus a paper clip. It's actually a "system" I am using for many years, since tiring of my Palm Pilot and its particular annoying stylus, batteries and synchronization hassles. People laugh at my low-tech notecards, the good news is the most notable geeks in the country have endorsed my system! My type of the Hipster PDA costs of a penny per notecard, plus 45 cents for a pen. My version is unique in a important respect. Many nerds carry multiple index cards clipped together; I carry only one. If my new activities won't fit on a single card, that tells me that playing is full i should reprioritize. You will discover a lot more at is often a website that requires a life-hacking approach to saving money. It can tell you the best way to: possess a meal at under $3, extend living of your respective laptop battery, and cool within the warm weather. It tells you the best days to make major purchases and even more. It's like Hints from Heloise on steroids.

Another site,, gives daily suggestions about things like how you can turn around bad experiences and sleep the right path to improve fitness. It also gives strategies for travelers, hints for those who need help beginning conversations (for example nerds), and information on making the workday more manageable. Your website has 101 Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things. Learn the way you need to use tape to try out nail polish colors, prevent plaster from chipping off walls when hanging pictures, and arrange flowers in a vase.

Most life hackers are centered on speed and how quickly they could finish a job. Life hacking is supposed to get things done faster allowing you to have additional time for recreation, not only to help you get more work done. The true secret, life hackers say, is learning to squeeze more out of energy.

I'm not really convinced. After perusing these websites, I find myself still putting things off, but in a much faster pace. visit this site

Post by oneviral43ba (2016-08-02 09:39)

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